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The experts at Chemsource Specialties have over 25 years of experience managing supplies of chemicals from leading manufacturers. We are your preferred supply partner for a range of top quality chemical ingredients for personal care products, cosmetics,  detergents, surfactants, auxiliaries, specialty formulations, performance, fine and environmentally-friendly chemicals. Whether your applications involve household use, industrial/institutional cleaning, or personal care, we have the logistic capabilities and technological know-how to fulfill your expectations and assist you with managing your inventory.

Our company focuses on providing cost-saving solutions for our international customers in the USA, Caribbean, and Latin America. We can provide a variety of packaging and shipping arrangements for orders of any size, as well as free consultations about market trends and top formulations on surface care treatment applications. Above all, Chemsource Specialties provides personal, reliable customer care and expert service. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Our passion is to create cost-saving solutions for all of our customers. We supply quality ingredients and top formulations at affordable prices, guided by the strictest regulatory and environmental compliance.

Chemsource Specialties LLC

We are proud to be your preferred supplier of chemical ingredients. Our company is lead by technologically-skilled experts with over 25 years of experience managing supplies of raw performance ingredients from leading global manufacturers.
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Eco sensitive chemical ingredients for home and personal care, or large scale industrial applications -- we are your primary source. We offer free consultation about our surfactants and specialty products from our experienced support staff.


When you're in need of surfactants and/or specialty ingredients, reliable service, free consultation about market trends and top formulations on any surface care treatment applications Chemsource Specialties LLC is the place to contact.
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